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0.01 BTC

Earning rate:

0.0007 BTC per day

Affiliate Bonus: 10%


0.04 BTC

Earning rate:

0.0032 BTC per day

Affiliate Bonus: 15%



0.1 BTC

Earning rate:

0.009 BTC per day

Affiliate Bonus: 20%



0.5 BTC

Earning rate:

0.05 BTC per day

Affiliate Bonus: 30%



0.99 BTC

Earning rate:

0.1188 BTC per day

Affiliate Bonus: 40%

Recent Payouts

33 seconds ago 0.43012699 BTC 326PZsBJhbnqFvTKGxeahcYQ1L1uyXXX Standard 53a047e0fb2c1fe1e0b2...
35 seconds ago 0.0406452 BTC 34FbbrbiMfFq7763oG6bbZ5CmTnLiXXX Business f1e7a1a560ae77718db1...
39 seconds ago 0.01261403 BTC 3Q4tdn4k7df55PU3MZYyJHQwbNPeEXXX Business ddad0410505c60567f63...
1 minute ago 0.01727867 BTC 38PoKHwE3ixfAqtzDACuppvP28cV6XXX Standard 639d318388bb41e7c2aa...
1 minute ago 0.00668472 BTC 1GQUfaUZkriHVFPGQtK5mqaQduXzvXXX Standard 72ea3c33e86b64b9e65c...
2 minutes ago 0.03549807 BTC 1Nm5fYtRv3f8cs56qEnAHm7RpxU9QXXX Standard 01c8718f7e6976b59193...
2 minutes ago 0.05322763 BTC 3PNY8cBHi5jARA9N3zp1ehDFCMw6qXXX Premium 9d4d0ffe46c892a336f4...
2 minutes ago 0.01046922 BTC 385qFqmfHT3pMrk6qKvZ2t1nJgBvjXXX Premium a56a6c30b4fb55362d38...
2 minutes ago 0.6599888 BTC 1AqWagBMSVWZMhK7opGjkdxbwF3vbXXX Premium 3f9cfc00acc718511b3e...
2 minutes ago 0.79343096 BTC 1BfFTs1ei9JeRG7qRx3sgACWJYPmLXXX Premium 6f627e94d72ae778b62e...
8 minutes ago 0.01311919 BTC 12zpLYctSCgbfg2hSupTNDNcjZF4AXXX Premium 91d6929af51c16c8a396...
8 minutes ago 0.00832419 BTC 1FNzVCYYwm8UTTxmJpn29W8wB6tPNXXX Premium 48d972ea8a93aeaa6395...
8 minutes ago 0.00958 BTC 3EnAkgsT69vwUrwAvqNbBqUVFDjJSXXX Standard 5128c886014725953885...
8 minutes ago 0.03059722 BTC 3M3qiyg7Nktoq48ZGKdo8NDPyPUWGXXX Business f241da4c9c3a40e5bb84...
9 minutes ago 0.02227912 BTC 16pxzekeEQnoYVLowHzuAhn5YhATWXXX Business 1fcaa6868e16169ca320...
9 minutes ago 0.01524276 BTC 3Kj8VWzsXTspyc3p1Tu3iSowtxieaXXX Premium a329c1943df4b4966edf...
9 minutes ago 0.01687247 BTC 1LNvgRm29BnHMUPsFJBncPFAsRBx9XXX Premium 6f6fe574208037f60aca...
9 minutes ago 0.01432438 BTC 3Kj8VWzsXTspyc3p1Tu3iSowtxieaXXX Premium b4e2573eb04803ff0109...
9 minutes ago 0.01495461 BTC 39g3TTKDgsDRYnY36Za2EMAtzFKVQXXX Business 90e5e1defe5ca19af4a9...
10 minutes ago 0.11 BTC 15gynMvfVaamDpvJbPvSGESg9RfyJXXX Standard e114fb2e9d0abeae1531...
10 minutes ago 0.03565663 BTC 32TM5FrxuVBRJ7GXcW9vYzr6oRjLAXXX Business 5a873a518f0408a094b0...
10 minutes ago 0.01841923 BTC 3FmT15xdC2Grw83JFoaXZ8PfaBawUXXX Premium 6e47db29a3318dcc83fb...
11 minutes ago 0.07527545 BTC 3QjuuEg8J7vtSPRjkaBvSzi3Po5VfXXX Business e1d240e8eae0ac592796...
11 minutes ago 0.0603859 BTC 3P78gXA1xgaBKJM4BppXibAF9c6rQXXX Business 492431bebfde89828e92...
11 minutes ago 0.01186316 BTC 18X5tAHw2hQJ4ZC2k3h7PG3mqXuCzXXX Standard 17afcaf768fb8fdf3a68...
11 minutes ago 0.0134539 BTC 3NuCNrLddr3vE2fH9VYUkoHceB8JcXXX Premium 021fbd7f0fa87113f498...
12 minutes ago 0.06559596 BTC 3C3rJu53ad2jv2dqsbs6f1imfz643XXX Standard 4f7603d6200e8728e414...
38 minutes ago 0.00687254 BTC 3GV5T3hdjxekdbHJTDyNHuYvFWnuHXXX Business dd0f8ab5b61fad5da463...
38 minutes ago 0.012 BTC 3DRktDsfwhe3roz3S8EEdXN66y1YSXXX Business 13b5cafd62160aac4fae...
38 minutes ago 0.00784428 BTC 3NkzedqH8wKxMe3QbjptYE3C8AjEeXXX Business 1ae6b6dc7ae238a5c575...

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Frequently asked questions

You have some questions? Look up here! is a profitable bitcoin mining industry located in Yunnan, China and it is industry leading Bitcoin mining pool. Mining with the latest algorithms help us to generate bitcoin as much as possible. All of the mining power is backed up by physical miners. We aim to provide you with the easiest possible way to make money without doing anything. Just sit back and relax.

You can create Bitcoin wallet using online services like or

Sign up using your wallet address and set a 4 digit pin. Congratulations, you are now generating bitcoin.

You can generate 0.0001 BTC every day without investments. You can also upgrade your Coinminer account to generate up to 0.1188 BTC per day.

You will earn 10% to 40% every time your referral gets upgrade depending on your Coinminer plan.

Withdrawal applications are generally processed instantly. We may verify your identity time to time.

Coinminer currently does not support upgrading from internal Coinminer wallet yet. Upgrade can be done with external wallets only.

You can contact us via contacts page or live support if operators are available or send email here- [email protected]