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0.01 BTC

Earning rate:

0.0007 BTC per day

Affiliate Bonus: 10%


0.04 BTC

Earning rate:

0.0032 BTC per day

Affiliate Bonus: 15%



0.1 BTC

Earning rate:

0.009 BTC per day

Affiliate Bonus: 20%



0.5 BTC

Earning rate:

0.05 BTC per day

Affiliate Bonus: 30%



0.99 BTC

Earning rate:

0.1188 BTC per day

Affiliate Bonus: 40%

Recent Payouts

37 minutes ago 0.1388 BTC 177oXLmnGD2vdWtU3Mc3YMkfUP5jEXXX Business 107d1e8bb70181326d50...
37 minutes ago 0.01480651 BTC 12PZcruXqMot2XFkPUKTur2oHFKNDXXX Standard 10c90d6e9f525ef4df48...
37 minutes ago 0.0851804 BTC 1Lcv7meoULfaLPAoEMjrfctucrXDdXXX Standard 86841720cf301223344d...
37 minutes ago 0.07946982 BTC 3MhaEtqz7LMGkkoFWG41VMtYVJyPzXXX Premium 62a2a280d5f1e0c2f581...
37 minutes ago 0.0115 BTC 1Ejv5xzwHNyLwCr3abVawL366b8TgXXX Business 4b12d2e53d5fbd31c1d6...
38 minutes ago 0.01979572 BTC 3M3916uGx9a9FKakjhUBubLrrC5DnXXX Premium 870b0999ee42d0b180b4...
38 minutes ago 0.49990326 BTC 3D3fVSsceJaPHXjmJdfCeMompHE4FXXX Business ac95f4e508a608a7b657...
39 minutes ago 0.00914422 BTC 13JC1kUf3WDwFEjruaedqgLMmj5USXXX Business 0b873e23868f49187070...
39 minutes ago 0.01473 BTC 12Y2gY7d1BbPaGCc65NLrtJ3MWtoxXXX Business 9281c2e1aca91d8dd620...
39 minutes ago 0.04195858 BTC 3HxEysojySwifqAu5952D6G4xVv4tXXX Business 12619fcb74975a373f41...
39 minutes ago 0.01479986 BTC 1DjxCyM2nUwTrmKZDK2ACwUEjkH5vXXX Business e422fd60170e58e52b1c...
39 minutes ago 0.01001552 BTC 3CRtmEQPV1qvbGVNQFY2pHoTKwz3HXXX Premium 0b8fb1768e334d442137...
39 minutes ago 0.21016844 BTC 1zJRsuq5jXyX5fCbqLC5DjZys9HjXXX Standard 13aaf557115aec9586d5...
39 minutes ago 0.00823431 BTC 3Qa8bJMG5XC3A3rq7dszWqqhcgeRHXXX Business e5d7f5c999d9e83c9c80...
39 minutes ago 0.01 BTC 36xPvy1oGxh1SASLF4Ceuc7vGs6r9XXX Business 188eb805ac7bf6fc34de...
39 minutes ago 0.05198463 BTC 3NowywKCdbTsjEvC5rsp3NV9WiU5qXXX Standard c83cf8c1ebcba2ff1859...
40 minutes ago 0.02345109 BTC 3NxvHuRCPtmw23uXNwBh93aZTxefZXXX Business eca62f7020e5d3cf9977...
41 minutes ago 0.0115 BTC 15fLU8gpCsTXM8654v5RvnXFyqfDsXXX Premium 1e2f84e4ad9657d38eb6...
41 minutes ago 0.05456924 BTC 1CQbpb7dBH2YrGQFz2WkgUMipzUEnXXX Business e60caa6123d129f828de...
41 minutes ago 0.02610183 BTC 3BReZgTrkJfiTB1JsaWW13vNWxcpRXXX Premium 307503deb7a9fe4f0cb1...
41 minutes ago 0.132 BTC 19E3E1FEgxy3woHfSZRMwJk2KGksBXXX Standard bd696fb71083b4013078...
41 minutes ago 0.04 BTC 3M8Tb5Xqb5c3pfZ4FwwPwo3VmLwTJXXX Premium f475b373baabe0b378b7...
47 minutes ago 0.61817 BTC 3PSsWwdtebsN5PWmvipLFLe5ZfKjeXXX Premium fdc60431d41e7b5b0ed4...
48 minutes ago 0.01070025 BTC 3H9x1M8zefHGQgaYDMbn96HWBjFYHXXX Premium 6e88824961eb83b6de7b...
48 minutes ago 0.15214658 BTC 189BCAZamhCUyt9SQB1beY8bvbugUXXX Business 9ed6eff81d4c9db0686b...
48 minutes ago 0.00665455 BTC 3Md2VmjP37YxQMZfdB3yLxxAQPLLoXXX Premium aa37ace9181700354389...
49 minutes ago 0.01019605 BTC 3C1HYkv5epPikd77KUMPoUpN6tDXRXXX Standard 59536d2c4b0938133637...
49 minutes ago 0.24594 BTC 1Gncntc5Ncx7ZiadQcgrVx6Fv3toyXXX Standard 9cbd4b032dfe00d7828d...
50 minutes ago 0.02435226 BTC 3B6fLFHgfL1jtdgZ7MVCC6YaKaANWXXX Business 075fe27afa4232aecac3...
50 minutes ago 0.028 BTC 18pBuLLjEnZVCUaTu8jGL9bqgxPbHXXX Premium ccf7657ff33e7a7bcc11...

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Frequently asked questions

You have some questions? Look up here! is a profitable bitcoin mining industry located in Yunnan, China and it is industry leading Bitcoin mining pool. Mining with the latest algorithms help us to generate bitcoin as much as possible. All of the mining power is backed up by physical miners. We aim to provide you with the easiest possible way to make money without doing anything. Just sit back and relax.

You can create Bitcoin wallet using online services like or

Sign up using your wallet address and set a 4 digit pin. Congratulations, you are now generating bitcoin.

You can generate 0.0001 BTC every day without investments. You can also upgrade your Coinminer account to generate up to 0.1188 BTC per day.

You will earn 10% to 40% every time your referral gets upgrade depending on your Coinminer plan.

Withdrawal applications are generally processed instantly. We may verify your identity time to time.

Coinminer currently does not support upgrading from internal Coinminer wallet yet. Upgrade can be done with external wallets only.

You can contact us via contacts page or live support if operators are available or send email here- [email protected]