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0.01 BTC

Earning rate:

0.0007 BTC per day

Affiliate Bonus: 10%


0.04 BTC

Earning rate:

0.0032 BTC per day

Affiliate Bonus: 15%



0.1 BTC

Earning rate:

0.009 BTC per day

Affiliate Bonus: 20%



0.5 BTC

Earning rate:

0.05 BTC per day

Affiliate Bonus: 30%



0.99 BTC

Earning rate:

0.1188 BTC per day

Affiliate Bonus: 40%

Recent Payouts

16 seconds ago 0.01367576 BTC 3CVP3pVg3JXTRUxsYEKz2zxt8NFQUXXX Premium 909e0669d1e4b77831e9...
16 seconds ago 0.00606104 BTC 33NZVMEpS5AE6dFnFcyFRNE6UbhBmXXX Business 0d28854651e31260fbbf...
16 seconds ago 0.00853359 BTC 3AJPcXmhCsApAJWrKvEvP9po9ULhoXXX Premium 1aee835e3b744993c0e7...
17 seconds ago 0.02086179 BTC 16CxsSXq9EtTYRMT4ZR1mizEHd9sdXXX Premium 765f1f7a336e818fc0b3...
1 minute ago 0.01595505 BTC 39GPh1QiAKfQqTFJYTHVpcow5B9gMXXX Business ac2df8e09d96f8a1785b...
1 minute ago 0.027375 BTC 3MPKMVRq2D27MFcyWai5HXyVrqZWcXXX Standard 905600c01971ee9997c0...
1 minute ago 0.1044 BTC 1gLEvce4eSm7FqyjV9TxRxGZdygUXXX Business 6e3c9e71fc8c413d43d5...
2 minutes ago 0.23200691 BTC 1D97NWWoZfCRNNumeY5YLB5s5WtSEXXX Premium 3ba7ac7213dd0df306e2...
2 minutes ago 0.0171 BTC 1L7cM6ABYLkdrJ3fqjC1pipw9J3paXXX Standard 77b5e00ffc94910a20cd...
3 minutes ago 0.24648704 BTC 1JNLEC2jV7kUJY95waZRoZCJiMM4fXXX Standard 1d49207738bf77a2cff2...
3 minutes ago 0.156226 BTC 1H9RwpMyKMdp4tLQKtCbhbrK8vLHGXXX Premium fe0b2f0d1f2a13574f2d...
3 minutes ago 0.07595424 BTC 18A6nvJ2n2kkTq96RDYEfK82yLVdbXXX Premium 8604adaa501199d5b68c...
3 minutes ago 0.02539698 BTC 191ikEbhcCwSngmk2fSfosenp54W4XXX Premium c7cf77fe74e67b4f7987...
3 minutes ago 0.08524297 BTC 31tcdz1EiXm8AWdXJGmbqvwNGYm6XXXX Premium 1f9783ac59c75c84d95c...
3 minutes ago 0.53395508 BTC 3QQ3d2yWmknwSB7GULTBNFvZ17aAXXXX Standard 14adec060684200e38bf...
4 minutes ago 0.0543537 BTC 13RSkGK9nXGqYQ9zGz1SzcXiyRPmiXXX Business df10d594da191d151e07...
30 minutes ago 0.16576 BTC 1FjAiCjUyLSKsAAcvDb7gw84fTAA3XXX Standard 1ea5be9df95f498dd7b3...
30 minutes ago 0.1083779 BTC 1G8zJjDHGyrypJdd1A1wWgzZXv5VDXXX Standard 4ad5eb8f1c07cd259bf3...
30 minutes ago 0.01169606 BTC 35pmo3Y9WotMVmks9njYi7XKghJEUXXX Business a3778eb0cf132e9b8f97...
30 minutes ago 0.01039957 BTC 3JX3jxiVijiqRSpqWt1VveGqmZsKWXXX Standard c3baf3f943e4b40521d7...
30 minutes ago 0.03015208 BTC 1MDYZskemrQMwvaB9vFVM4SyYtFEgXXX Premium 36e6566191d563b00678...
31 minutes ago 0.02129939 BTC 1HFWdRYY3B4TzyQPW7XpKNDJrDk7VXXX Standard 715e76f25c42ca8d6e94...
32 minutes ago 0.09813507 BTC 1A17GqgPJgfdeS358i6kAc3cRN7qFXXX Premium 1841c3f7362c6f42a481...
32 minutes ago 0.01213 BTC 1CtqTvaziwCwMBGZzrLN2ThoVjc6XXXX Standard 7013ec0b16878a1f3669...
33 minutes ago 0.10521462 BTC 336H9ozpDRvGSCFnUAkUEB9h5Fz6VXXX Business fb979175c6c890a19ba7...
33 minutes ago 0.2 BTC 39SbsmqJu7E9QxyuL264kZ3Am9JP8XXX Business e0b392e52eddab3e2cd9...
40 minutes ago 0.00738082 BTC 13p7qHjZzBhecv2tubWWgmYc3732pXXX Standard 7dbc3e5e41afd6c476ba...
41 minutes ago 0.00649666 BTC 14ghj7x2MtEt6aXhF4uXsuXB3VfiKXXX Business f86b2fc2dabde8bf5522...
42 minutes ago 0.32135742 BTC 16WHeYMxUkr8bYduEiwArddjLZ5h3XXX Business 31766f16ccccffcab866...
42 minutes ago 0.02098019 BTC 3MzM8EX4yv1f2dH7PzenZCyTAbLjNXXX Premium 8bee941a12db68a96096...

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Frequently asked questions

You have some questions? Look up here! is a profitable bitcoin mining industry located in Yunnan, China and it is industry leading Bitcoin mining pool. Mining with the latest algorithms help us to generate bitcoin as much as possible. All of the mining power is backed up by physical miners. We aim to provide you with the easiest possible way to make money without doing anything. Just sit back and relax.

You can create Bitcoin wallet using online services like or

Sign up using your wallet address and set a 4 digit pin. Congratulations, you are now generating bitcoin.

You can generate 0.0001 BTC every day without investments. You can also upgrade your Coinminer account to generate up to 0.1188 BTC per day.

You will earn 10% to 40% every time your referral gets upgrade depending on your Coinminer plan.

Withdrawal applications are generally processed instantly. We may verify your identity time to time.

Coinminer currently does not support upgrading from internal Coinminer wallet yet. Upgrade can be done with external wallets only.

You can contact us via contacts page or live support if operators are available or send email here- [email protected]